PRODUCTS » Facade tiles
Façade clinker tiles will not only facilitate many constructional façade solutions, but also allow creating exclusive interior elements. It is the optimum protection of the façade against wind and bad weather conditions as well as long-term protection of the building. The simplicity and speediness of work will save your financial resources and allow enjoying the result in a short time. One of the widest selections of colours and surfaces among the manufacturers of clinker tiles will allow giving individuality to house façade and realising other visions.
Technical characteristics of clinker tiles:
Absorption up to 3 %
Formats: 240x71x11, 240x52x8, 240x71x14
Ströher Zeitlos austerrauch 237
Ströher Zeitlos Kohleglanz 359
Ströher Zeitlos sandschmelz 355
Ströher Zeitlos eisenrost 353
Ströher Zeitlos backstein 357
Ströher Zeitlos kalkbrand 351
Ströher Zeitlos kupferschmelz 352
Ströher Zeitlos bronzebruch 354
Ströher Zeitlos erdfeuer 356
Ströher Keravette metallic black 336
Ströher Keravette graphite 330
Ströher Keravette red flashed 316

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