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What are real clinker tiles like? Real clinker tiles are modern and resistant to weather effects. These tiles are used for renovating old buildings, individual houses, and blocks of apartments.
A façade covered in clinker tiles looks like a façade of clinker bricks; however, this system does not require widening the foundation to have a clinker façade, e.g., when renovating a house. Regardless of the style of the house – modern, classical or a combination – clinker tiles allow creating it with ease.
Technical characteristics
of strip tiles:
Absorption up to 3 %
ABC klinkergruppe Blankenese winterhude dunkel-bunt 2100
ABC Klinkergruppe Winterhude schwarz blau-bunt 2103
ABC Klinkergruppe Altona rot-bunt 2102
ABC klinkergruppe Aubergine glatt 1828
ABC Klinkergruppe Atlantis glatt 2106
ABC Klinkergruppe Texel 1830
ABC Klinkergruppe Dresden kohle 1831
ABC klinkergruppe Malta 1821
ABC klinkergruppe Naturbrand 1004
ABC klinkergruppe Rot-kohlebrand Hamburger format R0854
ABC klinkergruppe Baltrum blau-bunt 1826
ABC klinkergruppe Braun 1926

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