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Clinker tiles are among the easiest to maintain and long-lasting finish materials. Laboratory tests have proved that they are many times stronger than concrete tiles and therefore, more durable. Due to especially low water absorption (up to 4 percent), liquid contaminants do not accumulate on clinker pavement tiles. It reassures that clinker pavement tiles will be a solid decoration of the environment for many years without requiring additional investment.
Clinker pavement tiles are kilned at the temperature of 1100–1200°C and therefore, they are durable, resistant to cold, salt, and non-fading. Depending on the kilning temperature, type of clay, and duration of kilning, clinker naturally acquires various shades of colour: from light yellow to bright red to black. The shades of classic natural red clinker – from light red to dark brown – are determined by the amount of iron in clay. Clinker products acquire a warm yellow colour due to calcium composites. Clinker tiles harmoniously match almost all other construction materials, especially wood and stone. The pavement paved by clinker tiles is not only sturdy, but also aesthetic.
During kilning, the tiles acquire high density and sturdiness. Cold resistance of tiles as well as other quality criteria are constantly tested and verified by independent experts.
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