PRODUCTS » Ceramics, stair steps
Colour range and excellent quality of ABC-Klinkergruppe clinker tiles are the result of unique raw material, fire, and strictly supervised manufacturing process.
Due to especially low absorption (up to 3 %), the tiles are resistant to cold and suitable for laying both inside and outside. Due to excellent heat absorption and release qualities, clinker tiles are perfect for paving heated floors. The floors paved with clinker tiles are durably and easy to take care of.
UNIVERSAL Classic Beige 1453
UNIVERSAL Classic Grau 1452
PIZ Kesch 1659
UNIVERSAL Classic Santorin 1474
ANTIK Bronze 1704
ANTIK Kupfer 1702
ANTIK Mangan 1707
OBJEKTA Braun 1926 ?
OBJEKTA Grau 1925
OBJEKTA Rot 1821
OBJEKTA Beige 1924
TREND Blau 1482

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