PRODUCTS » Clinker bricks
Clinker tiles of the German company ABC-Klinkergruppe, made of especially strong bat, are durable and of natural, non-fading colour: red, yellow, brown, and even blue.
Clinker bricks are both construction and finish material. Covering the façade of a house in clinker gives double benefit: beauty and warmth. The bricks not only look nice, but also help to maintain appropriate inside temperature. Clinker is perfect for façade finish, since it does not absorb moisture, absorbs noise, and does not require special care. Brick walls do not have to be additionally impregnated. By choosing durable and organic clinker bricks you will make a right decision, because your house walls will not require special maintenance for many years, they will never fade, and save your money.
Technical properties: Formats:
Material density ~ 2,2 kg/dm3
Brick density ~ 1,6 kg/dm3
Compressive strength ~ 70-85 N/mm2
Water absorption ~ 4 %
Cold resistant (up to 300 cycles), weather resistant.
Format: NF 240x115x71 mm
ABC Klinkergruppe Oldenburg rot-bunt klinkerio plytos 8109
ABC Klinkergruppe Noderney rot-bunt-schmolz klinkerio plytos 7554
ABC Klinkergruppe Amrum braun-bunt klinkerio plytos 7303
ABC Klinkergruppe Artland rot-kohlebrand klinkerio plytos 0103
ABC Klinkergruppe Sylt Magma-Kohlebrand klinkerio plytos 7503
ABC Klinkergruppe Oldenburg rot-bunt klinkerio plytos 0105
ABC Klinkergruppe Oldenburg rot-bunt klinkerio plytos 0109
ABC Klinkergruppe Bentheim altfarben-bunt klinkerio plytos 0433
ABC Klinkergruppe St. Peteburg gelb Kohlebrand klinkerio plytos 8354
ABC Klinkergruppe Gravenhorsten rot-bunt klinkerio plytos 5558
ABC Klinkergruppe Grafschafter rot-kohlebrand klinkerio plytos 0858
ABC Klinkergruppe Wittenburg Kohlebrand m. Sinterschmolz klinkerio plytos 1875

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