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Clinker tiles of ABC-Klinkergruppe are 4-5 times more durable than concrete tiles. Clinker is especially resistant to load, cold, and hardly absorbs any moisture. The most important qualities of clinker are low water absorption and resistance to chemical and weather effects, mechanical friction, and pressure. An important advantage of clinker products is that they are natural: no chemical additives are used in the manufacturing process. The colour of the product is determined by the natural colour of raw material, type, temperature, and duration of kilning.
Paving clinker produced by the German company ABC-Klinkergruppe is characterised by especially high quality and durability. It is a perfect combination of technical qualities, paving possibilities, and aesthetics.
ABC klinkergruppe klinkerio trinkelės Wismar
ABC klinkergruppe klinkerio trinkelės Potsdam

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